Collins Conference Room
Working Group
  US Mountain Time

This event is private.

Meeting Summary:  Social interactions among individuals are driven by what individuals know, how they know it, and what that information makes them do. These aspects need not be studied in isolation. Our goal is to develop approaches that allow us to examine these aspects together and provide a generalizable theory of the role of information in structured conflict. 

In this working group, we bring together researchers working on the interplay between sociality and cognition in both humans and animals. This working group will generate new collaborations to bridge the gap between controlled lab data and real world data from populations within conflict. We will also discuss and brainstorm how a newly developed experimental framework could be expanded into other study systems, both in humans and potentially in animals, and to other contexts like collaboration and cooperation in addition to conflict.

Research Collaboration
SFI Host: 
Elizabeth Hobson, Simon DeDeo, Dan Mønster