Collins Conference Room
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Adilson E. Motter

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Abstract: Network cascades are a pervasive phenomenon, with examples ranging from supply chain disruptions, traffic congestions, and power outages, to default contagion in financial networks and the spread of misinformation. Such cascades propagate through underlying networks. However, in contrast with their epidemic counterparts, they constitute a form of “complex contagion,” wherein the “infection” of a new component may require exposure to multiple infected components. Compared to other network spreading processes, cascades may be harder to trigger but also harder to mitigate. In this talk, I will discuss the unique ways in which cascades evade mitigation and then present effective strategies to counter evasion. The conclusions are timely considering the plethora of ripple effects caused by the recent pandemic on both local and global networks.


Adilson MotterAdilson MotterProfessor of Physics at Northwestern University; Science Board Member at SFI
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Cris Moore

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