The SFI Press endeavors to communicate the best of complexity science and to capture a sense of the diversity, range, breadth, excitement, and ambition of SFI-related research. To provide a distillation of discussions, debates, and meetings across a range of influential and nascent topics. To change the way we think. 

At its core, the SFI Press seeks to be

  • Enlightening: Complexity defies categorization. As a responsive publishing entity embedded in a leading research institution, we are uniquely positioned to keep pace with new developments in this dynamic and boundary-spanning field.
  • Challenging: Full funding grants us the freedom to pursue insight over profit. Consequently, our volumes can be provocative and eye-opening beyond the limits of a traditional press.
  • Surprising: Our texts are explicitly transdisciplinary, drawing on fields as diverse as paleobiology, historiography, computer science, quantum physics, and medical anthropology.
  • Evolvable: At every stage of publication, the Press strives for nimbleness: moving quickly to circulate new thought incarnating at SFI and throughout the world of complexity science. We aim to bring volumes from submission to print within one year.
  • Affordable: The Press was founded on the principle that excellent scholarship need not be prohibitively expensive. 
  • Collectible: Elegant, accessible and memorable design complements our streamlined publishing model. We produce volumes that are meant to be read, re-read, and wrestled with.


The SFI Press is supported by the Feldstein Program 
on Law, History, and Regulation, the Miller Omega Program, and the Alana Levinson-Labrosse Visualization Fund.