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Jennifer Richter

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Abstract: The U.S. government is currently focused on creating a new process for siting nuclear waste repositories, called "consent-based siting" (CBS).  However, nuclear waste from both commercial and military applications continues to stymie any policies meant to address radioactive materials.  This discussion will touch on the nuclear past, present, and (far) futures of nuclear waste policy in the U.S., using environmental and intergenerational justice as a focal point for engaging myriad publics, from scientists and engineers to the communities who may host nuclear waste facilities, as well as those in the future who will be tasked with safeguarding these materials for thousands of years.  While CBS presents a novel approach for the U.S., critical questions remain regarding addressing past injustices, as well as future governance processes for all nuclear projects.


Jennifer RichterJennifer RichterAssistant Professor, School for the Future of Innovation in Society and School of Social Transformation at Arizona State University
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