Noyce Conference Room
  US Mountain Time
C. Brandon Ogbunu (Yale University)

Environment x everything interactions: From evolution to epidemics and beyond

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Abstract: In this colloquium, I will discuss how different framings of "the environment" influence our conception of complex systems of various kinds.  I will first examine how the environment crafts "protein space" through higher-order interactions between mutations. Through this, we introduce new definitions of "drugability," informed by concepts in pharmacology, population genetics and complex systems. Lastly, we examine how new models of "environmental transmission" manifest in modern epidemics. Summarizing, I emphasize the role of environmental context in crafting the interactions that define the shape of complex biological and social systems.


C. Brandon OgbunuC. Brandon OgbunuSFI External Professor & Assistant Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Yale University
SFI Host: 
Sam Scarpino (Rockefeller Foundation)

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