"Designs from Kimono Pattern Books" (ca. 1902). Courtesy of The Public Domain Review.
Virtual Discussion
  US Mountain Time

Our campus is closed to the public for this event.

Fostering learning and good decision-making are crucial to an organization’s success. Businesses actively invest in information infrastructures that provide broad and timely data streams. However, this is not enough for today’s world of rising complexity. A new approach to problem-solving is needed.

Leaders need to move beyond intuition and rules of thumb. Today’s problem-solving requires a more rigorous scientific approach that enables decision-makers to discern noise from signals and avoid learning the wrong lessons. The future of problem-solving requires clear signals and good questions, which can be more important than an answer. We need a scientific approach to decision making and building environments to surface better questions.

Join us at this Virtual Discussion that will report out on a meeting that the Santa Fe Institute and Mu Sigma hosted earlier in the month to explore the science and strategies behind “signal engines” designed to enhance learning, suggest crucial questions, accelerate decision-making, and mute the inputs most likely to distract.


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