Santa Fe, NM

All day


This event is private.

Location: Inn and Spa at Loretto, Santa Fe, NM


When SFI scientists first started working on economics over 30 years ago, many of the insights, approaches and tools were considered beyond heterodox. These once disparaged approaches included network economics, agents of limited rationality, and institutional evolution – all topics that are now increasingly considered mainstream. SFI continues to expand the boundary of our economic understanding, by pioneering fields as diverse as collective intelligence and organizational scaling. This special symposium explored the new frontier of complexity economics.

The proceedings of this symposium are captured in the first volume of SFI’s Dialogues of the Applied Complexity Network book series. Complexity Economics: Proceedings of the Santa Fe Institute's 2019 Fall Symposium is edited by W. Brian Arthur, Eric D. Beinhocker, and Allison Stanger and includes new introductions and reflections from the speakers and panelists.


How Complexity Economics Can Save the World -- Eric Beinhocker (INET Oxford and Santa Fe Institute)


Introduction to New Complexity Economics -- David Krakauer (Santa Fe Institute)

Consumers vs Citizens: Social Inequality and Democracy in a Big Data World -- Allison Stanger (Harvard University, Middlebury College and Santa Fe Institute)

Formal Markets and Informal Networks -- Matthew O. Jackson (Stanford University and Santa Fe Institute)

Communication and Coordination in Experiments -- C. Mónica Capra (Claremont Graduate University)

Keynote - Complexity Economics: Why Does Economics Need This Different Approach? -- W. Brian Arthur (PARC and Santa Fe Institute)

Panel: Computation and Complex Economies

Panel: The Economic Organism

Panel: Economic Architectures

Panel: From Theory to Application

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