Topical Meeting

All day

This event is by invitation only.

Venue: The MITRE Corporation, McLean, VA

Co-organizers: Santa Fe Institute, The MITRE Corporation, NVTC

As collection and storage of data becomes easier and cheaper, our judicial systems will need to keep pace in order to deal with increasing case-relevant data, improve efficiency, maintain credibility and legitimacy, and keep pace with new ways of developing and presenting legal argumentation.  The morning session will focus on using technology within a judicial system.  Topics will include tools and techniques for text processing, inference, and reasoning; new privacy and other concerns that arise as larger and larger volumes of data are searchable; and the value and limitations of large-scale network analysis of legal and courtroom data?  Following a working lunch and keynote address,  afternoon speakers will address the nexus of neuroscience and the law, analysis of the efficiency of courtrooms, long-range temporal analysis of courtroom dynamics, and the potential use of scaling laws to understand/forecast the demand for courtroom services.

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