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Applied Complexity Roundtable
  US Mountain Time
David Krakauer and Andrew Lo

This event is private.

About This Meeting

A key aspect of our ongoing exploration of Emergent Engineering centers on phenomena in which adaptive agents respond in unexpected ways to top down stimuli, rules, and other shocks. One recent example involves shares of GameStop, AMC, Nokia, and other equities whose valuation was unexpectedly challenged through a coordinated effort organized on the r/wallstreetbets subreddit and other social media spaces. Indeed, three emerging fields of complexity science — Emergent Engineering, Collective Intelligence, and Belief Dynamics — can all provide valuable insights to understanding the r/wallstreetbets phenomenon. Emergent Engineering, in particular, is well-suited to think through potential regulatory responses.

This meeting started with a 15-minute presentation by Andrew Lo exploring the ongoing r/wallstreetbets saga through the lens of evolutionary market adaptation and robustness. Following Andrew’s presentation, David Krakauer briefly contextualized the challenges Andrew poses in Emergent Engineering theories this series has been exploring since September 2020. We then adjourned to breakout rooms to discuss the r/wallstreetbets phenomenon as a case study in emergent engineering. We also discussed the trade-offs inherent in attempts to regulate this type of emergence.

Emergent Engineering in the Market with David Krakauer and Andrew Lo

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