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Santa Fe, New Mexico

As part of our celebration of the Institute’s 30th Anniversary, the Annual Trustees and Business Network Symposium will focus on the Institute’s longstanding interest in the economy as a complex system. Critical to this perspective are the realizations that: (a) economies are rarely, if ever, in equilibria; (b) humans are not completely rational utility maximizers; and (c) economies reflect the aggregate of many decisions and actions, by many different actors/agents, at many different scales, from the individual consumer, to the giant bank that’s “too big to fail”, to the actions of federal, state, and local governments. SFI speakers and collaborators will look backward to review and evaluate the accomplishments of the Institute’s alternative perspectives on economics and markets, and look forward to new developments and the extensions of current approaches.

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Business Network

Complexities of the Economy

AuthorsKenneth Arrow

Capitalism Re-Defined (Part I): A Complexity Economics View of Growth and Prosperity

AuthorsEric Beinhocker

You Cannot Answer a Question if You Cannot Hear It - Removing the Wax from Game Theory's Ears

AuthorsDavid Wolpert

Complexity Economics: A Different Way to Look at the Economy

AuthorsW. Brian Arthur

Predicting Technological Progress

AuthorsDoyne Farmer

Non-Elephants in Economics and Public Policy

AuthorsRobert Axtell

Bringing Data to Life: Visualizing the Development of Economies, Cities and Culture

AuthorsCeasar Hidalgo

The Leverage Cycle and an Agent Based Model of the Housing Market

AuthorsJohn Geanakoplos

Another Stab at Economic Science

AuthorsOle Peters

Changing Investment for the Better: Not What Is - What Can Be

AuthorsTim Hodgson

Capitalism Re-Defined (Part II): Economics, Politics and Society

AuthorsNick Hanauer

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