Topical Meeting

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Co-hosted by Willis Towers Watson
Venue: Willis Towers Watson, 71 High Holborn, London, UK 

AI has the potential to radically decrease demand for white-collar labor. This could simultaneously increase productivity while significantly altering consumption patterns. In turn, these changes could meaningfully impact the valuations of various asset classes. These changes could have a broader impact on society at large. This meeting will explore these issues from a variety of complexity informed perspectives.

Registration is open to SFI Applied Complexity Network members and invited guests only. Please contact for registration information or to learn how to become a Santa Fe Institute Applied Complexity Network member.

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Welcome — Tim Hodgson & Will Tracy

Machine Learning: A Guide for the Perplexed (Tutorial) – Brendan Tracey

How Are the New Technologies Changing Our World? – Steen Rasmussen

Implications of Automation for Inequality and the Environment – Marion Dumas

The State of Play: The Coming of Robots: a Promise, a Threat, a Deception or a Delusion? – Lord Robert Skidelsky

Technological Change, Inequality, and the Future of Work: The View from 1750 – Robert Allen

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