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In today's dynamic global landscape, it is clear that science diplomacy's traditional methodologies and theoretical frameworks need to be revised to tackle the multifaceted challenges emerging in contemporary international agreements. Spanning critical domains like security, climate change, biodiversity loss, the rise of artificial intelligence, and extensive social movements across nations and regions, these agreements require new viewpoints to navigate the intricate scenarios, systems, and phenomena influencing our interconnected global landscape. 

To confront the complexities inherent in these emerging challenges, we recognize the imperative of embracing a paradigm shift toward adopting a complex systems approach. This forward-looking strategy integrates diverse interactions across myriad functionalities and scales, aligning with the intricate realities of our modern era. 

Our Working Group endeavors to catalyze transformative dialogue to establish a robust work agenda in the short and medium term. Our objectives include crafting insightful reports and publications that underscore the dual impact of science diplomacy: influencing public policies on science, technology, and innovation while also shaping the foreign policy trajectories of nations within our region. 


Miguel FuentesMiguel FuentesExternal Professor


Guillermo AnlloGuillermo AnlloSenior Programme Specialist, Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy Programme, UNESCO - United Nations
Ernesto FernandezErnesto FernandezDirector, Regional Office for Science in Latin America and the Caribbean, UNESCO, United Nations
Diego LawlerDiego LawlerNational Council for Scientific and Technical Research-SADAF, Argentina, Former Academic Director, National Foreign Service Institute of the Argentine
Emma ZajdelaEmma ZajdelaIntelligence Community Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Princeton University's Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

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