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This virtual SFI Symposium focused on the acute symptoms resulting from the decline of multiple, coupled complex systems, as well as the longer-term transformations stemming from our current crises. Specific domains of inquiry included the transformations in: market, global climate, disease and treatment, cities, and belief dynamics. The intellectual underpinning of this meeting is largely based on a recent publication by David Krakauer and Geoffrey West (here).



Participating Speakers:

Short Clip: Lost Attraction: How Civilizations Transform with Marten Scheffer

Short Clip: Presentations on the Complexity of Crisis with Geoffrey West and David Krakauer

Short Clip: SFI Faculty Panel on the Complexity of Crisis

Short Clip: Crises, Institutional Transitions, and Economic Outcomes with Suresh Naidu

Short Clip: From Tunnel Vision to Lateral Vision – In the Media and Elsewhere with Gillian tett

AuthorsGillian Tett

Short Clip: Lessons Learned & Next Steps: An Epidemiological View of the COVID Crisis and its Complexities with Lauren Ancel Meyers

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