American Scholar: The Uncertainty Principle

Co-authored by SFI Miller Scholar John Kaag and SFI Professor Cristopher Moore.

Space Weather Archive: The Surprising Way Solar Storms Can Beach Whales

Featuring solar radio burst recordings by SFI Resident Artist Thomas Ashcraft.

Nerdist: New Research Says Coronavirus Spreads Like Memes

Featuring new research by SFI alums Laurent Hébert-Dufresne and Sam Scarpino, and SFI collaborator Jean-Gabriel Young.

Yahoo: With better recall of our photos and videos, will our ability to forgive dissappear?

Quoting SFI Trustee Josh Wolfe.

Financial Times: Has the bull market run out of puff?

Citing SFI Shannan Professor Geoffrey West.

Smithsonian: Alexander von Humboldt and the United States: Art, Nature and Culture Explores Renowned Naturalist’s Impact on American Identity

Naming SFI Miller Scholar Andrea Wulf.

New York Times: As the Start-up Boom Deflates, Tech Is Humbled

Quoting SFI Trustee Josh Wolfe.

Santa Fe New Mexican: Making math fun

Featuring an educational event with several SFI researcher participants, including Tamara van der Does (pictured on slide 4/4).

The Economist: Should data be crunched at the center or the edge?

Citing insights by SFI External Professor W. Brian Arthur.

NPR's Marketplace: What the Beatles taught us about tax policy

A chapter from the Marketplace book club dedicated to the CORE-Econ textbook. SFI contributors include Professor Sam Bowles, External Profesor Wendy Carlin, External Professor Simon DeDeo, and External Professor Rajiv Sethi.

The Economist: Who will benefit most from the data economy?

Citing insights by SFI External Professor W. Brian Arthur.

Ars Technica: Divided we fall: How ant behavior mimics political polarization

Citing SFI research from 2019.

Santa Fe Reporter: Home Cooked Meal

Featuring a SITE Santa Fe event that paired a presentation by SFI Complexity Postdoctoral Fellow Tamra van der Does with food and a second presentation by Santa Fe business owner Hue-Chan Karels.

Santa Fe Reporter: Morning Word

Highlighting wildlife videos by Resident Artist Thomas Ashcraft.

Vox: Why prediction markets are bad at predicting who will be president

Citing SFI External Professor Rajiv Sethi.

Nature: Working scientist podcast: How to write a top-notch paper

Interviewing SFI External Professor Pamela Yeh.

Aeon: Collaborators in creation

Co-authored essay by SFI External Professors Eric Beinhocker and Doyne Farmer, visiting researcher Fotini Markopoulou, and External Professor Steen Rasmussen.

Wall Street Journal: Beware of Wall Street's Armchair Epidemiologists

Citing SFI External Professor Lauren Ancel Meyers.

Atlas Obscura: The Joy of Collecting Stamps From Countries that Don't Exist

Quoting former SFI Advancement Director Laura Steward, and her description of resident artist Thomas Ashcraft's Heliotown on SFI's Cowan Campus.

Nature: Where I Work: Birds that make the heart sing

Reflection by SFI External Professor Pamela Yeh.