NPR: Omicron could bring the worst surge of COVID yet in the U.S. — and fast

Quoting SFI Science Board Member and External Professor Lauren Ancel Meyers.

The Atlantic: We Know Enough About Omicron to Know That We’re in Trouble

Quoting SFI Science Board Member and External Professor Lauren Ancel Meyers.

Bloomberg Opinion Podcast: Michael Mauboussin on How to Read Stock Prices

Featuring SFI Trustee Michael Mauboussin.

Scientific American: Why Is Omicron So Contagious?

Quoting SFI External Professor Marc Lipsitch.

VICE: The ‘To the Moon’ Crash Is Coming

Featuring SFI Trustee Josh Wolfe.

NATO Review: Why our values should drive our technology choices

Highlighting SFI External Professor W. Brian Arthur.

MSN Asia: Sri Lanka’s apparel sector well-positioned to reach $8 billion

Quoting SFI Science Board Member and External Professor Ricardo Hausmann.

TechCrunch: Phylagen, which tracks indoor microbiomes, is “racing ” to meet return-to-work efforts

Featuring SFI Science Board Member and External Professor Jessica Green.


Communications of the ACM: Computing Scenarios for Defusing Polarized Politics

Highlighting SFI External Professor Stephanie Forrest.

Nature: Omicron blindspots: why it’s hard to track coronavirus variants

Highlighting research of SFI External Professor Sam Scarpino.

Quanta Magazine: What Does It Mean for AI to Understand?

Featuring column by Melanie Mitchell, SFI fractal faculty, science board co-chair, and science steering committee member.

The New York Times Opinion: How to Tell When Your Country Is Past the Point of No Return

Highlighting the research of SFI Science Board Member Simon Levin.

NPR: Moderna vaccine no match for omicron except with booster, study finds

Quoting SFI Science Board Member and External Professor Lauren Ancel Meyers.

Hart Energy: America’s Natural Gas

Quoting SFI External Professor Seth Blumsack.

POLITICO: HHS forecast shows Omicron stretching U.S. Covid testing supply

Quoting SFI External Professor Sam Scarpino. Physicists create new state of matter from quantum soup of magnetically weird particles

Highlighting the work of Philp Anderson, theoretical physicist, Nobel laureate, and one of SFI's founders.

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Newsroom: New model accurately describes COVID-19 waves and plateaus

Highlighting SFI Science Board Fellow Nigel Goldenfeld.

The New York Times: Omicron Is a Dress Rehearsal for the Next Pandemic

Highlighting SFI External Professor Sam Scarpino.

Discover Magazine: Ancient Cities That No Longer Exist

Quoting SFI External Professor Scott Ortman.

Yahoo! News: One year of COVID-19 vaccines: Millions inoculated, but hundreds of thousands still lost

Quoting SFI External Professor Sam Scarpino.