Freakanomics: Will A.I. Make Us Smarter?

Wired magazine co-founder Kevin Kelly mentions 1987 Artifical Life conference he attended at SFI.

The Atlantic: ChatGPT Is Already Obsolete

Quoting SFI Faculty Melanie Mitchell. 

Nautilus: The World Is Full of Sleeping Beauties

Featuring External SFI Professor Andreas Wagner. 

Scientific American: How AI Knows Things No One Told It

Quoting SFI External Professor Melanie Mitchell. 

Quanta Magazine: A New Idea for How to Assemble Life

Featuring and Quoting SFI President David Krakauer. 

Noema Magazine: AI Is Life

Written by SFI External Faculty Sara Walker.

Communications of the ACM: Artificial Intelligence Still Can't Form Concepts

Quoting SFI Faculty Melanie Mitchell.

New Scientist Weekly Podcast: 3D-printing inside living organisms; what ChatGPT means for human intelligence; why insects fly towards light; carbon storage in the oceans

Featuring SFI External Professor Melanie Mitchell.

The Osterholm Update: Trial supports broad-spectrum antibiotic prevention for pancreatic surgery

Quoting SFI External Professor Brandon Ogbunu.

Nature: COVID-19 amplified racial disparities in the US criminal legal system

Cowritten by SFI External Professor Brandon Ogbunu.

New Scientist: How smart is ChatGPT really - and how do we judge intelligence in AIs?

Interview with SFI Faculty Melanie Mitchell.

New Scientist: Physicist David Wolpert on how to study concepts beyond imagination

Conversation with SFI Faculty David Wolpert

Chemistry World: The messy chemistry that led to life

Quoting SFI External Faculty D. Eric Smith.

The American Prospect: Is Economics Self-Correcting?

Quoting SFI Faculty Sam Boules.

Scientific American: Life Evolves. Can Attempts to Create ‘Artificial Life’ Evolve, Too?

Referencing SFI Professor Chris Kempes.

Nerdwallet: My Path to Generational Wealth: ‘Continuously Diversifying’

Mentions studies from SFI.

The New York Times: What Makes A.I. Chatbots Go Wrong?

Quoting SFI Faculty Melanie Mitchell.

Gizmodo: How a Senator’s Misguided Tweet Can Help Us Understand AI

Featuring tweet from SFI Faculty Melanie Mitchell.

The Investor's Podcast: Richer, Wiser, Happier, Q1 2023 W/ William Green & Stig Brodersen

Highlighting SFI Life Trustee and Chairman Emeritus Bill Miller's time at SFI.

Tech Post and Science: Doing the math on a solar-powered future

Showcasing a new mathetmatical model by SFI Professor Sid Redner.