The Atlantic: Winter Illness This Year Is a Different Kind of Ugly

Mentions and quotes SFI External Professor Samuel Scarpino. 

Business News: Artificial Intelligence can now create AI on its own

Mentions and quotes SFI Science Board member Bruno Olshausen. 

Rolling Stone: The Gerontocracy Waged War on Gen Z. Now They’re Fighting Back

Quotes SFI External Professor Alison Gopnik. 

The Wall Street Journal: How a Plan to End Poor Countries’ Debt Crises Created a New One

Mentions Science Board Co-Chair and External Professor Ricardo Hausmann. 

Big Think: A playground for geniuses: Inside the Santa Fe Institute

Series episode about The Santa Fe Institute. 

The Oakland Press: Study finds harsh workplace pushing women out of academia

Quotes SFI External Professor Aaron Clauset. 

Nature: A new chapter in the physics of firefly swarms

Article and research published in Nature by SFI External Professor Orit Peleg. 

Big Think: Consciousness: Not just a problem for philosophers

New episode by The Well from Big Think featuring SFI Professor Melanie Mitchell. 

Axios: Remote collaborators don't generate as many breakthrough scientific ideas: study

Mentions and quotes SFI External Professor James Evans. 

Nation Africa: South Africa hurtling towards ‘failed state’, reveals Harvard investigation

Mentions SFI Science Board Co-Chair and External Professor Ricardo Hausmann. 

CT Insider: Pentatonix's Kevin Olusola talks Yale, upcoming CT concert

Mentions External Professor Brandon Ogbunu. 

Psychology Today: An Interview with Daniel Dennett

Interview with External Professor Daniel Dennett. 

Quanta Magazine: Evolving Bacteria Can Evade Barriers to ‘Peak’ Fitness

Mentions research done by External Professor Andreas Wagner. 

Financial Times: Transcript: Superintelligent AI — can chatbots think?

Podcast episode featuring Professor Melanie Mitchell. 

New Mexico Political Report: Experts tell legislators about ‘black box’ AI

Quotes and mentions Professor Cristopher Moore. 

The Korea Times: Is industrial policy like Vitamin C or penicillin?

Guest column written by Science Board Co-chair and External Professor Ricardo Hausmann. 

Newsweek: Neuroscientists Say Textbook Brain 'Rewiring' Theory Is 'In Fact Wrong'

Quotes External Professor John Krakauer. 

Süddeutsche Zeitung: In welchem Alter werden Staaten gebrechlich?

Mentions External Professor Marten Scheffer. 

London Reviews: White Holes by Carlo Rovelli, review: secrets of the universe

Review of Factal Faculty Carlo Rovelli's book. 

Texas Monthly: The UT Professor War-Gaming the Next Pandemic

Article profiling External Professor Lauren Ancel Meyers.