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Ricard Solé

SFI's 28th Annual Stanislaw Ulam Memorial Lecture Series - Ricard Solé: "Evolving Brains: Solid, Liquid and Synthetic"

Lecture 1 - "Liquid Brains and Solid Brains: The Cognitive Biosphere"

We live on a planet filled with life, where very diverse intelligences have emerged, from cells and ants to octopi and humans. With such diversity comes a wide range of brains and minds that living systems use to explore and sense their worlds. This lecture explores what constitutes a “brain”, how complex brains evolved, what differences and commonalities span living brains, and how we might build a space for possible new minds.  

Ricard Solé is a researcher at the Catalan Institute for Research and Advanced Studies (ICREA), the head of the Complex Systems Lab at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, External Faculty at the Santa Fe Institute. He is a member of the Council of the European Complex Systems Society, and serves on the editorial board of several international peer reviewed journals. 

One of his main research interests is understanding the possible presence of universal patterns of organization in complex systems, from prebiotic replicators to evolved artificial objects. Key questions are how robust structures develop, how information is incorporated into these structures and how computation emerges. He is also interested in how to determine what are the contributions of selection, chance and self-organization to the evolution of complexity. 

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This lecture will be streamed live via SFI's YouTube channel, and recorded for future viewing.

Information on Ricard's second lecture can be found here.

About the Ulam Memorial Lecture Series

Many of the most famous books in science, including Relativity by Albert Einstein and QED by Richard Feynman, were based on public lectures. The idea behind the series is to have a brilliant scientist deliver a series of public talks on a cutting-edge topic, in honor of the late theoretical mathematician Stanislaw Ulam. 

Ulam was a renowned mathematician long associated with Los Alamos National Laboratory who is highly regarded by the Santa Fe Institute's scientific community. Former SFI Vice President Mike Simmons said, "The enormous range of Ulam's scientific thought encompassed not only mathematics but also physics, computation, biology, and much else. He would have been very much at home in the present-day Santa Fe Institute, which was founded in the year of his death."

These lectures can be enjoyed together or independently.

The 2023 Santa Fe Institute Community Lecture Series is free to attend thanks to generous sponsorship from the McKinnon Family Foundation, with additional support from the Santa Fe Reporter, and the Lensic Performing Arts Center.

SFI Host: 
Jessica Flack, Caitlin McShea

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