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Ricardo Hausmann

Prosperity is associated with technological progress, which is related to advances in scientific and productive knowledge. But where is that knowledge embedded? How is it put to use? And what kind of social structures does it give rise to?

This lecture will shed light on why the world is so unequal, why and how some laggard countries catch up  and others fall further behind, why inequality within countries is so large, why we need governments and why it is so hard for people to get along. At the core of it all is a view of society as a social brain that has distributed knowledge that must be linked together through complex networks in order to be used. This gives rise to economic complexity and both its convenient and inconvenient implications.

Ricardo Hausmann is the Director of the Center for International Development and professor of the Practice of Economic Development, both at Harvard. He earned a PhD in economics at Cornell University. In addition to positions with the government of Venezuela, he served as the first chief economist of the Inter-American Development Bank and as chair of the IMF-World Bank Development Committee. He is SFI external faculty, and recently named co-chair on the Santa Fe Institute's Science Board, along with Melanie Mitchell. His research interests include issues of growth, macroeconomic stability, international finance, and the social dimensions of development. He brings a networks and statistical mechanics perspective to developmental economics.

Register to attend this free event via the Lensic Performing Arts Center box office. This lecture will be streaming via SFI's YouTube page, with live updates via SFI's Twitter

The 2022 SFI Community Lecture Series is generously sponsored by the McKinnon Family Foundation, with additional support from the Santa Fe Reporter and the Lensic Performing Arts Center.

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Jessica Flack, Caitlin McShea

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