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Sam Scarpino

Our campus is closed to the public for this event.

This Live Zoom Recording of the Complexity Podcast is open to all 2020 donors! We greatly appreciate your commitment to and support of the Santa Fe Institute. If you would like to be included, please make a donation at santafe.edu/give

This 40-minute recorded conversation will be followed by a 20-minute audience Q&A. 

About the guests:

Michael Lachmann is a theoretical biologist whose primary interests lie in understanding evolutionary processes and their origins. His work focuses on the interface between evolution and information. Lachmann received his B.Sc. at the Tel Aviv University in the interdisciplinary program for fostering excellence. He then received his Ph.D. in Biology at Stanford University, was a postdoctoral fellow at the Santa Fe Institute, and worked at the Max Planck Institute for mathematics in the sciences. Lachmann is a Resident Professor at the Santa Fe Institute.

Samuel V. Scarpino is an Assistant Professor in the Network Science Institute at Northeastern University and an External Professor at the Santa Fe Institute. Scarpino’s research spans a broad range of topics in complex systems and network science, including: forecasting and predictive modeling, complex network analysis, epidemiology, genomics and transcriptomics, social networks, and decision making under uncertainty. Scarpino's research on COVID-19, Ebola, whooping cough, and influenza has been covered by the New York Times, the Washington Post, NPR, VICE News, Bloomberg, Stat News, and numerous other venues. Scarpino earned a PhD in Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior from The University of Texas at Austin in 2013 and was a SFI Omidyar Fellow from 2013-2016. 

The Complexity Podcast is hosted by Michael Garfield.

SFI Host: 
Alanna Faust

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