Mulas, Raffaella; Christian Kuehn and Jurgen Jost

In the study of dynamical systems on networks/graphs, a key theme is how the network topology influences stability for steady states or synchronized states. Ideally, one would like to derive conditions for stability or instability that instead of microscopic details of the individual nodes/vertices rather make the influence of the network coupling topology visible. The master stability function is an important such tool to achieve this goal. Here we generalize the master stability approach to hypergraphs. A hypergraph coupling structure is important as it allows us to take into account arbitrary higher-order interactions between nodes. As for instance in the theory of coupled map lattices, we study Laplace type interaction structures in detail. Since the spectral theory of Laplacians on hypergraphs is richer than on graphs, we see the possibility of new dynamical phenomena. More generally, our arguments provide a blueprint for how to generalize dynamical structures and results from graphs to hypergraphs.