Saverio Perri

Applied Complexity Postdoctoral Fellow

Saverio Perri completed a Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Engineering at Masdar Institute (MI), Khalifa University, as part of the MI&MIT collaborative program. At MI, Saverio investigated the hydrological controls of soil salinization across a wide range of temporal and spatial scales - ranging from the plant to the catchment scale.

The focus of his current work has been on food systems and coupled human-natural systems. His project on food systems aims at characterizing the trade-offs and synergies within the global food system. The main goals consist of quantifying the extent to which global crop production is limited by biophysical constraints such as salinity and aridity, assessing the environmental consequences of these limitations, and ultimately identifying possible pathways of sustainable change.

Within the framework of coupled human-natural systems, he is investigating the socio-political feedback on climate change mitigation actions. In particular, Saverio is exploring the complex interactions between policy, technology, and societal norms that shape the adoption and diffusion of sustainable practices and technologies using a combination of quantitative and qualitative tools.