The external faculty are central to SFI’s identity as a world-class research institute. They enrich our networks of interactions, help us push the boundaries of complex systems science, and connect us to over 70 institutions around the globe.

This year, nine new researchers join SFI’s external faculty


Monique Borgerhoff Mulder
Distinguished Research Professor
Department of Anthropology Evolutionary Wing
UC Davis

Research interests: demography, marriage, natural resource management 

Marco Buongiorno Nardelli
University Distinguished Research Professor
Department of Physics
Division of Composition Studies
University of North Texas

Research interests: music composition, computational physics, media arts

Read the announcement by the College of Science at the University of North Texas

Tina Eliassi-Rad
Core Faculty
Network Science Institute, and 
Professor of Computer Science
Northeastern University

Research interests: data-mining, machine learning, network science

John Kaag
Professor and Chair of Philosophy
University of Massachusetts, Lowell

Research interests: academic philosophy, biological origins of creativity, ethics of drone warfare, philosophy and memoir

Paul Krapivsky
Research Professor
Boston University

Research interests: dynamics of interacting many-particle systems

Mason Porter
Department of Mathematics

Research interests: applied mathematics, including nonlinear science, nonlinear dynamics and chaos, nonlinear waves, billiard systems, quantum chaos, granular media, nonlinear optics, atomic physics, network science, social network analysis, mathematical biology, synchronization

Kathy Powers
Associate Professor
Political Science

Research interests: the nature of institutional authority, institutional change, and effects, design of international institutions and law

Devin White
R&D Manager
Autonomous Sensing and Perception group
Sandia National Laboratories

Research interests: machine intelligence, remote sensing, imaging science, photogrammetry, computer vision, geographic information science, computational social science, complex systems, high-performance computing, and quantitative approaches to understanding prehistory

Hyejin Youn
Associate Professor
Management & Organization Department
Kellogg School of Management
Northwestern University

Research interests: the interplay between technological innovation and socio-economic systems