Sean Carroll (Photo: Rachael Porter)

SFI External Professor Sean Carroll of Caltech has been elected a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) for 2020, the association announced on November 24. 

He was honored for his “distinguished contributions to cosmology, gravity, and dark matter research,” as well as for his “exceptional contributions in communicating and promoting science to the public.”

A theoretical physicist whose research focuses on fundamental physics and cosmology, quantum gravity and spacetime, philosophy of science, and the evolution of entropy and complexity, Caroll has a knack for describing the wonder and significance of complex research to non-expert audiences. He has authored multiple books and courses, served as a science advisor to the film industry, and hosts a popular weekly podcast, Mindscape

On his personal website, Carroll describes himself as "interested in how the world works at the deepest levels, which leads me to do research in physics and philosophy.” 

In becoming a AAAS fellow, Carroll joins SFI’s  Aviv Bergman, Nina Fedoroff, John Harte, Cristopher Moore, Adilson Motter, Mark Newman, and John Rundle in the world’s largest general scientific society.

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