SFI Learning Lab Director Irene Lee describes a new SFI-inspired GUTS y Girls curriculum and encourages other readers of a Computer Science Teachers Association blog to form partnerships with social science teachers for better learning.

Lee writes: "Santa Fe Institute's GUTS y Girls program, in partnership with Arizona State University professor Dan Hruschka, has developed a new curriculum to engage students in understanding how computing and complex adaptive systems play an essential role in the social sciences.

"In the curriculum, geared towards the high school level, students explore questions and test their own assumptions using methods and data from the social sciences (anthropology, sociology and psychology) and computer modeling in NetLogo, a text-based computer programming language. Student investigations center on the role of cooperation in human interactions and how cooperation plays a role in global issues such as resource management, health equity and climate change."

Read Lee's post in the CSTA's blog The Advocate (April 29, 2014)