Five journalists have been selected for the new Santa Fe Institute Journalism Fellowship in Complex Systems Science. 

The fellowship is generously supported by SFI Board of Trustees Chair Emeritus Bill Miller. Its premise is to identify accomplished reporters who have demonstrated an interest in complex issues and offer them an immersive experience in complex systems science at SFI.

SFI’s inaugural fellows represent diverse backgrounds and career stages, notes SFI President Jerry Sabloff. “These exceptional journalists get our Fellowship off to an outstanding start toward its goal of offering one of the world's signature news media fellowships,” he says.

More about the fellowship here.

The five inaugural fellows are:

Sandra Blakeslee is a science correspondent for The New York Times. In four-plus decades as a science writer she has covered nearly every topic in science. She has authored or co-authored nine books, her most recent on the human microbiome and the deleterious effects of antibiotics on our health (with Martin Blaser at NYU). She plans to spend November 2013 at SFI.

Veronique (Nikki) Greenwood’s freelance reporting spans the spectrum of scientific disciplines. She has contributed to such publications as Discover, Scientific American, Popular Science, The New Yorker, TIME, and The Atlantic. She plans to spend May through June 2014 at SFI.

Guy Gugliotta is a longtime reporter with the Washington Post and the Miami Herald. As a freelance science journalist he contributes to The New York Times, The Washington Post, Smithsonian, The Atlantic, Wired, and other publications. He is co-author of Kings of Cocaine and author of Freedom's Cap. He plans to be at SFI from February through early May 2014.

Julie Rehmeyer’s science and mathematics reporting has appeared in Science News, Discover, Wired, New Scientist, Science, and Technology Review. She also writes the popular math column in Science News, Math Trek, and Wired's occasional math column, Equation. She plans to spend January 2014 at SFI.

Alexandra Witze is on the staff at Nature as a contributing correspondent and is a regular contributor to Science News. She has freelanced for such publications as The Economist, American Archaeology, New Scientist, Technology Review, and Sky & Telescope. She plans to spend February 2014 at SFI.