“If we want to save Earth, we have to do the math,” writes SFI Professor Cris Moore in a new op-ed for the Santa Fe New Mexican

Drawing on a report titled the Energy Transition in New Mexico, which was initiated during an SFI workshop in February of 2020, Moore outlines the technologies we need to invest in “at every scale,”  from neighborhood rooftop solar to regional and national power grids, in order to economically advance toward a low-carbon energy economy. One unique opportunity for New Mexico, in particular, is to capitalize on its optimal blend of solar and wind energy. 

"If we’re serious about climate change, we’ll treat it as the crisis, and the opportunity, it really is,” Moore writes. "Every passing year makes the problem harder, and no one strategy or technology will be enough. But if we create systems for clean energy at every scale, from local to regional to global, then both humanity and the rest of the planet can thrive.”

Read the op-ed, “To replace fossil fuels, it’s got to be all of the above” in the Santa Fe New Mexican (August 29, 2021)



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