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SFI Program Postdoc, Formation of Beliefs About Scientific Issues

SFI seeks a program postdoc to play a key role in a project studying how people form and change beliefs about scientific issues. The project focuses on beliefs about genetically modified organisms but is also relevant for issues such as climate change or vaccination. The research has a strong transdisciplinary flavor, integrating theories and methods from cognitive and social sciences, statistical physics, and molecular biology. 

SFI Program Postdoc, Exploration-Exploitation Tradeoff and Opinion Diversity in Real-World Groups

SFI seeks a program postdoc to play a key role in a project studying the relationship between diversity of opinions and group performance. Using natural language processing of large number of online group discussions, group experiments, and computational modeling, the project will 1) investigate how task complexity and external threat influence groups’ propensity for exploration vs. exploitation, 2) study strategies groups use to promote or suppress novel opinions, such as policing, ostracism, and stereotyping, and 3) integrate previously disconnected literatures on exploration-exploitation tradeoffs, collective problem solving, social learning, and social judgments. 

Online Education Platform Assistant

The Santa Fe Institute is currently seeking a part-time Online Education Platform Assistant to support the day-to-day functioning of the Santa Fe Institute’s online education platform

This individual provides administrative, clerical and technical support for the online education platform and online learning community, including students, instructors, and other platform users. They will assist the Online Education Program Coordinator with administrative tasks related to the online education program. 


We will be accepting applications for this position through February 9, 2018

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