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Stanislaw Ulam Memorial Lectures:  The Many Faces of Complexity

Robert May, Baron May of Oxford; Professor, Zoology, Oxford University and Imperial College; former president of Britain's Royal Society, and former Chief Scientific Advisor to the UK government

Renowned scholar, science activist and complex systems pioneer Robert May considers the complex systems that matter most for humanity's future.

October 2

Lecture I - Beauty and Truth in Mathematics and Science

An exploration of the interplay between what might be called “beauty” and “truth” in humanity’s quest for a better understanding of how the natural world works. 

October 3

Lecture II - What Is Stability in Today’s Complex Financial Systems?

Recent events raise serious questions about how we might better design financial services which satisfy their basic purpose of efficient distribution of capital in a free-market system, whilst at the same time not being so fragile and not being so costly. 

October 4

Lecture III - People and Tomorrow’s (Too Small) World

May explores the impacts on the environment arising from more people, and more impact per person: climate change, impact on ecosystems and the services they deliver (with emphasis on how little we know about some of these questions).