The Santa Fe Institute is a creative, collaborative center where young scientists and accomplished scholars spanning the disciplines work together to explore the underlying patterns in the complex systems we depend on.

Supporting the Santa Fe Institute provides a unique opportunity to impact the future. Our researchers, along with our broader community of collaborating scientists, scholars, intellectuals, and artists, explore complex systems like economies, ecosystems, human development, innovation, the evolution of intelligence, the origin of life, and more in over 30 one­-of­-a-­kind scientific meetings each year.

With a startup-level budget and the support of a community of like-minded thinkers, we achieve the world’s highest-risk, biggest-result complexity research: since 2010 there have been more than 63,000 citations of SFI published research, and our programs, like the Applied Complexity Network (ACtioN), Massive Open Online Courses, and our flagship Complex Systems Summer School have helped thousands of students, professionals, and partners use the approaches of complexity to achieve impact in business, academia, and society.

At SFI, your support enables the creative rigor and intellectual daring that produces insights possible nowhere else. And, because we leverage more than four additional dollars from federal grants, foundations, and strategic partners for every dollar supporting our science, your giving can go even further.

Levels of Giving

At the Santa Fe Institute, we pride ourselves on being inclusive–a place where big thinkers can come together to explore the complexities of our world. SFI attracts scientists, writers, business leaders, artists, and others who share an insatiable curiosity about our world.

Through our special programming for supporters, you can be part of this unique place, and find a window into science available nowhere else. We can now accept donations both in Bitcoin and Ether. If you're interested in pursuing this option, please contact us.


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Complexity Society

$20,000+ per year

When you make a significant contribution, endow a faculty chair or a program area, or name an office or a building, you’ll become an integral part of our search for order in the complexity of evolving worlds — and of science that can happen nowhere else.

There is no mold for a Complexity Society experience at SFI. You’ll work closely with us to bring your scientific passions to bear on the latest problems. And you’ll meet people who will change how you think about challenges in science, in business, and in our communities.

Members of the Complexity Society are invited to select virtual SFI science and ACtioN meetings.

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Emergence Circle

$1,000 to $19,999 per year

Your backing at the Emergence Circle level might send an SFI epidemiologist to do critical fieldwork, convene experts in Santa Fe to tackle a new problem, or spread SFI science to new audiences.

You’ll be offered exclusive access, special programming, and preferred seating at SFI’s community lectures. You’ll be a part of the conversation and the next scientific advances.

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Annual Fund

Up to $999

The Annual Fund provides President David Krakauer with over $125,000 each year to react to new ideas and support fast-moving initiatives as they happen.

SFI appreciates our Annual Fund supporters and offers all of our community members access to a wealth of scientific videos and papers and a chance to learn from today’s most influential thinkers, in person and online.

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Planned Giving

A planned gift is one of the most effective ways to make a lasting impact on the Santa Fe Institute and ensure that complexity science carries us through not just the 21st century, but the 22nd century, and beyond!

Your planned gift can take the form of an estate gift, a remainder trust, or a living bequest. You also have the option of naming SFI as the beneficiary to your IRA or 401k retirement plan. We are excited to work with you to find a charitable solution that allows you to take care of your family, and support the future of complex systems science.

Learn more about planned giving at the Santa Fe Institute

Our Supporters

SFI's community of supporters is home to the most innovative thinkers in business, government, academia, and society. Learn more about the funders who back SFI's signature brand of creative rigor.


Our Supporters