Santa Fe Institute


Research at the Santa Fe Institute (SFI) is conducted by multigenerational groups ranging from senior scientists to postdoctoral fellows to undergraduate interns.

Resident Faculty - SFI Research Professors and Visiting Faculty are in residence for periods of one to six years.

Omidyar Fellows, Postdoctoral Fellows, Research Fellows and Researchers - These researchers are in residence working on collaborative as well as individual projects.

External Faculty - These researchers participate in the SFI program from their home universities and research institutions, which are located throughout the world.

Science Board - This group of scientists and educators, drawn from a wide variety of fields, oversees the general direction, integration, and quality of research at SFI.

Science Steering Committee - This group meets on a bi-monthly basis to advise the SFI administration on science issues.

Visiting Researchers - The Institute hosts many visitors, whose visits range in length from a few days to a year.