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Audio: SFI's Krakakuer on information, order, computation, & intelligence

On the popular podcast "Waking Up with Sam Harris," SFI President David Krakauer weighs in on whether your brain is an information processor. It is, he says, because it converts disorder to order.

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Superhuman: What are the limits to human performance?

A unique meeting at SFI in July brought together experts from fields as diverse as physics, neuroscience, sports, and dance to ask whether there are limits to human performance.

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Paper: Group-navigating species may be vulnerable to collapse

Movement Ecology

New research by SFI Omidyar Fellow Andrew Berdahl and collaborators reveals that populations relying on group navigation, such as migrating birds and salmon, could be vulnerable to sudden collapse.

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Don't abandon national referendums, but smaller groups often make wiser choices

New research suggests that larger crowds do not always produce wiser decisions. Moderately-sized crowds are likely to outperform larger ones when faced with combinations of easy and difficult qualitative decisions.

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How to detect hackers who know we’re on to them

Journal of Network and Computer Applications

In a recent paper in the Journal of Network and Computer Applications, SFI Postdoc Justin Grana and his collaborators call on game theory to suggest a better way to stop cyber attackers.

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Video: John McWhorter on 'The Language Hoax'

Watch linguist John McWhorter deliver a community lecture in which he rethinks the widely-held belief that the language we speak shapes how we experience life.

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Learn agent-based modeling with Bill Rand this August

In SFI's new online course, Introduction to Agent-Based Modeling, participants will explore why agent-based modeling is a powerful way to understand complex systems.

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Traditional science isolates: SFI brings fields together

New Mexico Homes

The most recent issue of New Mexico Homes features the Santa Fe Institute, where "some of the greatest minds in science" are finding patterns in complex physical, biological, and social systems.

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Enroll now for the Dynamics and Chaos MOOC with David Feldman

SFI's free online course, Introduction to Dynamical Systems and Chaos with College of the Atlantic professor David Feldman, begins July 5. Topics to be covered include: phase space, bifurcations, chaos, the butterfly effect, strange attractors, and pattern formation.

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Tracking animal migrations has become easier... now what?

During a working group this week at SFI, roughly a dozen ecologists and computer scientists will explore ways emerging technologies might help researchers better understand why and how individuals in migrating groups make the choices they do.

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Does nature favor cool computations?


Imprecise, noisy computations can actually cool a biological system, according to a new analysis by SFI Professor David Wolpert.

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Register now for SFI's new short course: Exploring Complexity in Health and Medicine

The Santa Fe Institute is accepting registrations for its newest short course, Exploring Complexity in Health and Medicine, October 12-14 in Santa Fe. NEW: CME credits available.

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Register now for SFI's new short course: Exploring Complexity in Innovation and Invention

September 21-23 in Austin, TX, an intensive SFI short course will bring participants to the forefront of innovation research. 

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Paper: Human niche construction has re-shaped the biosphere


Human niche construction has dramatically re-shaped the global biosphere over time, according to newly published research by SFI External Professor Melinda Zeder.

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