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The Omidyar Fellowship: New Leadership for New Science

Paul Hooper (2012-2014) on the co-evolution of economics and sociality

Anne Kander (2011-2012) discusses preserving endangered languages

Societies today face daunting challenges: population growth, rapid urbanization, ecological and environmental disturbances, and an unpredictable global marketplace. To address these complex and interrelated problems, a new brand of science is needed, led by an emerging generation of scientists steeped in the study of interconnected systems and comfortable in the methods of many fields — from math, physics, and biology to the social sciences and the humanities.

The Omidyar Fellowship at the Santa Fe Institute offers a select group of early-career scholars the opportunity to join a collaborative research community that nurtures creative, transdisciplinary thought in pursuit of key insights about the complex systems that matter most for science and society. Postdoctoral researchers selected for the SFI Omidyar Fellowship spend up to three years in residence at SFI, where they contribute to the Institute’s research, advance the sciences of complexity, and become the "new leadership for new science."

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