Santa Fe Institute


The Institute supports residential student fellowships at the undergraduate through the postdoctoral level. Omidyar and Postdoctoral Fellows are in residence from one to three years working both on collaborative and individual projects. Generally there are openings for such scholars with a Fall application deadline. SFI supports a small number of graduate students in residence, all of whom are matriculating at other institutions. Usually such residencies are no more than one year and they are individually arranged. The Institute also hosts a small number of highly motivated and talented undergraduates as part of its NSF-supported Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program. Application deadline for REU students is in early spring for student residencies during the summer term.

Omidyar and Research Postdoctoral Fellowships

Work of SFI's Omidyar and Research Fellows is at the core of the Institute's research. Typically 10 to 15 Fellows are in residence full-time at SFI. Omidyar Fellowship applications are accepted in the Fall, and successful candidates are offered a 2 to 3 year appointment. Apply for the Omidyar Fellowship HERE.

Research Fellows are hired for specific programs, thus their application and term are variable.


Although SFI does not grant degrees, a small number of graduate students arrange to conduct research at the Institute under the tutelage of a scientist in residence.


This NSF-funded program supports the summer residencies of a small number of undergraduates who benefit from exposure to the rich interdisciplinary mix of ideas at SFI.