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Research Themes

Interest Areas

  • Collective intelligence and decision support
  • Energy systems, planetary management, and social impact
  • Protocells and self-replicating materials
  • Self-Organizing Systems:

Steen Rasmussen

External Professor

Professor, Research Director and Center Leader, University of Southern Denmark, Self Organizing Systems


Born July 7, 1955 in Helsingoer (Elsinore), Denmark. Citizen of Denmark. Permanent Residence in U.S.A. (Alien of Extraordinary Ability). Formal education, PhD Physics. Focused on representing, generating, analyzing, and controling self-organizing and related systemic processes as they are manifested in natural and human-made systems. Current and recent projects include assembly of protocells, web-based decision support systems, simulation of critical infrastructure protection, and the development of simple urban dynamics simulations.


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