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Thank you for your interest in the Santa Fe Institute. We post announcements to this employment web page only when we have an opening. Please peruse our web site, especially the staff page, for an idea of our size and the range of positions employed.

Omidyar Fellowship. We are accepting postdoctoral applications for our Omidyar Fellowship program.  Deadline is October 24, 2014. 

Administrative Assistant, EIO. We are accepting applications for this entry-level administrative position in our Education and Institutional Outreach office.  Deadline is October 13, 2014.

We have no other openings at this time. 

For other questions about employment at SFI, please send e-mail to

OUR APOLOGIES.  We had a lightning strike on Monday, September 22, which affected our power and, in turn, our network until Tuesday evening.  If you were unable to access the above ads, we apologize for the inconvenience and are glad that you tried again.

The Santa Fe Institute is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Events News

How big data can help stop global epidemics Oct. 22, 2014 -

At HomeAway headquarters in Austin, Texas, this morning, SFI External Professor Lauren Ancel Meyers is discussing pandemics, the current threats of ebola and influenza, and how big data and modern ...

SFI: 'Intellectual Santa Fe's brain' Oct. 10, 2014 -

In New Mexico Magazine, Mary-Charlotte Domandi, host of the Santa Fe Radio Café, extolls Santa Fe as an “intellectual mecca,” with SFI as its brain.

New book: W. Brian Arthur on complexity and the economy Oct. 2, 2014 -

A new book authored by SFI External Professor W. Brian Arthur describes complexity economics, from the field’s serendipitous origins in a 1987 conference at SFI through its rising post ...

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