Matteo Monti, Steen Rasmussen, Marco Moschettini, and Lorenzo Posani

Paper #: 2017-07-021

Abstract.  We present and evaluate an alternative architecture for data storage in distributed networks that ensure privacy and security, we call RAIN1. The RAIN network architecture offers a distributed file storage service that: (1) has privacy by design, (2) is open source, (3) is more secure, (4) is scalable, (5) is more sustainable, (6) has community ownership, (7) is inexpensive, (8) is potentially faster, more efficient and reliable. RAIN has the potential to democratize and disrupt cloud storage by eliminating the middle-man: the large centralized data centers. Further, we propose that a RAIN style privacy and security by design architecture could form the backbone of multiple current and future infrastructures ranging from online services, cryptocurrency, to part of government administration.