This volume is a record of the proceedings of the first InterPlanetary Festival, held in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in June of 2018 by the Santa Fe Institute, birthplace of complexity science.

An annual free public event, the InterPlanetary Festival combines an exploration of complexity science and technological innovation with a summer festival full of music, film, art, food, drinks, and more. 

The Festival is just one aspect of the broader InterPlanetary Project, which is equal parts conference, festival, and research program. The first project of its kind to combine celebration with experimentation, and conversation with analysis, the InterPlanetary Project seeks nothing less than a whole-planet project—beyond borders, beyond politics, beyond economics—to activate the collective intelligence of our first planet: Earth.

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Table of Contents

Part I: Genesis

Preface: Restoring Focus at a Planetary ScaleDavid C. Krakauer

“Out of this World,” Reprint of Santa Fe Reporter article by Julia Goldberg 

Introduction: The Recurring La Choza Chat, Caitlin L. McShea

1: What Will It Take to Become an InterPlanetary Civilization? A Roundtable Discussion


Part II: Proceedings of Santa Fe Institute’s First InterPlanetary Festival

2: Planetary Policy & Regulation, Introduction by Jeff Ubois

3: Autonomous Ecosystems, Introduction by Jennifer Dunne

4: Time Design, Introduction by Van Savage

5: Motion & Energy Technology, Introduction by Brendan Tracey

6: Living in Space, Introduction by Brian Ferguson

7: The Origins of Life in Space, Introduction by Chris Kempes

8: Intelligent Systems, Introduction by David C. Krakauer

9: Social & Economic Engineering, Introduction by Jessica Flack

10: Visualization & Designing the Impossible, Introduction by Seamus Blackley

11: The End of the World, Introduction by Armin Ellis