Liu, Chinches; Mei Li; Estifanos Tsegaye Redda; Joe Mei; Jiantai Zhang; Santiago F. Elena; Beilei Wu; and Xiliang Jiang

A new mycovirus was identified in Trichoderma harzianum strain 137 isolated in Xinjiang province, China. The whole genome sequence of the mycovirus was determined by metagenomic sequencing, RT-PCR, and RACE cloning. The mycovirus contained two genomic segments. The first segment was 2088bp long and contained a single ORF (ORF1) encoding the RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RdRP) (72.26kDa). The second segment was 1634bp long and also contained a single ORF (ORF2) encoding a hypothetical protein of 37.472kDa. We named this novel mycovirus Trichoderma harzianum bipartite mycovirus 1 (ThBMV1). Phylogenetic analysis showed that ThBMV1 clusters with other unclassified dsRNA mycoviruses.