Li, Y. Y.,Li, N. B.,Tirnakli, U.,Li, B. W.,Tsallis, C.

The thermal conductance of a homogeneous 1D nonlinear lattice system with neareast-neighbor interactions has recently been computationally studied in detail by Li et al. (Eur. Phys. J. B, 88 (2015) 182), where its power-law dependence on temperature T for high temperatures is shown. Here, we address its entire temperature dependence, in addition to its dependence on the size N of the system. We obtain a neat data collapse for arbitrary temperatures and system sizes, and numerically show that the thermal conductance curve is quite satisfactorily described by a fat-tailed q-Gaussian dependence on TN1/3 with q similar or equal to 1.55. Consequently, its T -> infinity asymptotic behavior is given by T-alpha with alpha = 2/(q - 1) similar or equal to 3.64.