Postdoctoral researchers asking solution-driven questions at the intersection of the social and biological worlds

These Complexity Postdoctoral Fellows are supported by our joint program with Arizona State University, the ASU-SFI Center for Biosocial Complex Systems, which supports postdoctoral researchers who are asking solution-driven questions at the intersection of human society and the biological world.

The ASU-SFI partnership aims to deepen theoretical understanding of the interconnections between biological systems, like ecosystems, and social systems, like human cities. Sustainability is an area of particular focus, as are the dynamics of technical innovation in cities and evolutionary innovation in biology. As these fellows pursue fundamental understanding of how organisms, ecosystems, and human societies grow and innovate, they generate insights that can applied to complex challenges in a warming, urbanizing world.

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Current ASU-SFI Fellows

Past ASU Postdoctoral Fellows

Anjali Bhatt

Christa Brelsford

Elizabeth Hobson

Mike Price