Willemien Kets

External Professor

Kets is Associate Professor at the Department of Economics at the University of Oxford and a Fellow in Economics at The Queen’s College, Oxford.

Her research interests include game theory, behavioral economics, economics of culture and identity, social and economic networks, and experimental economics. Recent papers include:

A Theory of Strategic Uncertainty and Cultural Diversity, with Alvaro Sandroni, 2015. New version: Sept. 2017. R&R at ReStud

A Belief-Based Theory of Homophily, with Alvaro Sandroni, 2014. New version: Dec. 2016. R&R at GEB

Bounded Reasoning and Higher-Order Uncertainty. New version: August 2017.

Is Bounded Rationality Driven by Limited Ability?, with Amanda Friedenberg and Terri Kneeland. New version: July 2018.

Robust Multiplicity with a Grain of Naivete, with Aviad Heifetz. Forthcoming, Theoretical Economics.

You may also be interested in my working papers, publications, or my CV.