Stewart Greenfield divides his time between environmental activities and hedge fund investing. His firm provides conservative multi-manager hedge fund partnerships for endowments and individuals. For many years he has helped preserve tropical rain forests, as a means of reducing global warming and preserving species. His Environmental Venture Fund, in conjunction with the Nature Conservancy, has initiated projects that have preserved over 18 million acres in Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Chile, Panama, and elsewhere. He also has been actively involved in air pollution reduction efforts.

Stewart Greenfield’s primary career had been in venture capital. He co-founded Oak Investment Partners in 1978, served as its Chairman, and specialized in funding start-up networking and data storage companies. Oak funded hundreds of technology companies. He organized the advanced Programing Technology Department at IBM in the late ‘50s, and in 1971 joined DLJ as a VP and General Partner of the Sprout Group. With his son, he continues to make personal venture investments, primarily in medical technology and education.

He is director of St. John’s College, and of the Opera Orchestra, New York. He is a retired director of Commonfund Capital, the Dibner Institute for the History of Science at MIT, and The Nature Conservancy (CT). He particularly enjoys hiking, classics, and conversation with good friends.

He is married to Constance Greenfield, and graduated from St. John’s College (Annapolis) in 1953.