Journalism Fellow

Sandra Blakeslee is a third-generation science reporter and a 45-year science correspondent for The New York Times. She began her career with the Times United Nations bureau and its city desk. In 1968 she joined the science desk as a staff reporter and three years later began writing on contract for the Times, reporting from Palo Alto, Bamenda (Cameroon), Paris (France), Los Angeles, and Santa Fe. In four-plus decades she has covered nearly every topic in science and in the 1980s began to specialize in neuroscience. She has authored or co-authored nine books, her most recent on the human microbiome and the deleterious effects of antibiotics on our health (with Martin Blaser at NYU). Since 1995 she and Times colleague George Johnson have hosted the Santa Fe Science Writing Workshop. She is spending November 2013 at SFI.