Nathan Metheny

Director of Technology

Nate Metheny was trained in classical violoncello performance and attended Indiana University for solo performance studies. His musical endeavors also involved studying Jazz Cello, as well as touring opportunities with his chamber music groups at the time. Nate's university study in music began at age 13, while simultaneously engaging in a home-schooling program that ended up with an early high school graduation at 15. Nate has always been at home with music, art, and technology, and finding the interesting ways that creative and technological worlds overlap.

Nate began using computers at the age of 5. His intrigue and hobby quickly became career after applying himself to technology at age 18, working at various start-ups in and around the Santa Fe area starting in 1998.

Nate is fluent and proficient in all things Windows, MacOS, Linux, Unix, and going back to the foundation of his Systems Administration experience, SunOS and Solaris in the late 1990's.

With the rapid development and shifts in network and server technologies as they pertain to business, Nate has been riding the wave of technological development and finding ways in how it can best serve operations, academia, research, and computation, both local and in the cloud.

Nate has been at SFI since 2004, coming on as Systems Administrator. Nate specializes in problem solving, finding and applying simple solutions to complex problems, and utilizing a variety of skills and out-of-the-box thinking to technological problems that academic institutions like SFI face on a daily basis - be they operational, collaborative, or futuristic.