Maell Cullen

Program Postdoctoral Fellow

Maell’s research interests lie primarily within the fields of theoretical neuroscience, information theory, and machine learning. He aims to develop biologically plausible and interpretable computational models of perception and learning that can be used to make meaningful comparisons between real and simulated human behaviours. In his PhD work, Maell addressed problems in computational psychiatry and robotics by combining representation learning algorithms with model formulations of perceptual inference under the Free Energy Principle.

While at SFI Maell will work with Drs. David Krakauer (SFI), John Krakauer (Johns Hopkins and SFI) and Adrian Haith (Johns Hopkins), focusing on the acquisition and loss of skills and cognitive ability. He also hopes to identify and explore behavioural phenotypes that underlie expert-level performance in model systems such as Go, Chess, and the Rubik’s Cube.

Maell holds a PhD in Engineering Mathematics from the University of Bristol, an MSc in Computational Intelligence from Ulster University, and a BSc in Neuroscience and Smart Systems from Keele University.