Farita Tasnim

Graduate Fellow

For Farita's Ph.D. work, her goal is to develop theories that aim to increase our understanding of how living systems operate. She believes that a central component of achieving this understanding will require mathematically formulating the way in which a living system’s constituent components, i.e. subsystems, interact with each other and evolve to form hierarchical, modular systems. By helping understand living systems, her Ph.D. will help make progress towards two major societal goals: i) to better understand how they or their internal constituents can fail, which can lead to better techniques for early diagnosis and treatment of emergent diseases or disorders; and ii) to better design systems which aim to replicate the feats (computational capacity, thermodynamic efficiency) achieved by living systems.

Farita Tasnim earned her B.S. in Electrical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and is now a graduate student in the MIT Media Lab. Her current research melds physics, medicine, and engineering to better understand the nonequilibrium character of life at mesoscopic and macroscopic scales.