Eddie Lee

Program Postdoctoral Fellow

Eddie studies collective behavior in nature, aspects of which manifest in physics, biology, and society. He is fascinated by how emergent statistical and dynamical regularities connect seemingly disparate phenomena across domains of nature, scales of description, and time. He studies how these patterns may reflect universal principles of information and computation, how they arise through mathematics and mechanism, and how they inform intervention and control across complex, adaptive systems. He develops ideas with precise mathematics and in silico experiments inspired by physical models, connecting the ideas with detailed data on exquisitely controlled biological systems and building quantitative intuition that extends to the complexity of human society. 
He has worked on the emergence of blocs in group decision making (e.g. voting in the US Supreme Court) and the spread of conflict (e.g. in monkey and human societies). Most recently, he has been thinking about the centralization of control in social and biological networks and about how firms aggregate information to compete in noisy and uncertain environments.
Eddie is a Program Postdoctoral Fellow at SFI with Chris Kemes and Geoffrey West. He holds a Ph.D. in Physics from Cornell University. He received his A.B. in Physics and Certificate in Biophysics from Princeton University in 2012 and M.Sc. in Physics from Cornell in 2018.