A feature describes the Institute, its research, and its people in the context of a recent meeting in which the world's experts gathered to explore the connections among climate, sustainability, and human activity.

"Nestled in a sprawling adobe building among the junipers high in the hills of Santa Fe, SFI is one of the world’s most unique think tanks, famous for pioneering and popularizing the science of complexity and exploring the underlying complex systems of our time, from the rise and fall of financial markets to terrorist cell formation and the origins of existence," writes's David Kushner.

"One week in October, a year to the day of Hurricane Sandy, a dream team of scientists — prize-winning ecologists, physicists, biologists and others from Harvard to Vienna — convened here to explore the Biggest Question of all: the sustainability of life on Earth. 'This is the big issue of our time,' [Geoffrey] West tells them. Despite the efforts of experts and researchers like those gathered here today, he continues, 'it’s sort of remarkable that we have been unable to galvanize the politicians and general community to recognize that there’s a degree of extraordinary urgency involved.'"

Read the feature article on (July 17, 2014)

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