Susan Carter

SFI Research Development Director Susan Carter has received a 2022 Mentoring Award from the National Organization of Research Development Professionals (NORDP). 

"The NORDP Mentoring Award recognizes an individual NORDP member’s unique ability to provide an engaging, supportive, and inclusive environment for professional and/or personal growth through mentorship in the research development community," NORDP writes in a Q&A with Carter about the award.

During the first years after NORDP started, Carter co-founded a Mentoring working group with Leigh Bottner. Research development was still a fairly new profession, and the pair saw a need for ways to train people entering the field as it grew. Since then, Carter has served as a mentor to several individuals, as well as helped pair other mentors and mentees across the organization. As a mentor, her approach has been one of flexibility to meet the particular needs and goals of the person she is mentoring while encouraging her mentees to be flexible in their own career planning. 

Read the full Q&A with Carter on NORDP News.